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Norwegian / Swedish - Limpa Bread

NOTE: We currently ARE making Limpa bread. Our suppliers (we went to wholesalers and the mills themselves) are no longer making a coarse rye meal. They all now only sell rye that is ground much finer and without the coarse components that help give it the nutrients, flavor, texture, and natural color of a pumpernickel/limpa rye bread. We never add stuff to make it look like real Limpa. We stone grinding our organic rye berries in-house which adds to the cost but it is worth it in our opinion.

Nordic House Limpa Bread is baked in-house and made from scratch with all natural ingredients using traditional process. It is a dense Rye bread but it also contains cracked wheat berries, caraway seeds, fennel, and a trace of Anise. This is the holiday version which we make year round as our standard Limpa.

In addition to tasting great by itself so many things go great on or with it including our Nokkelost, Norvegia, or Gjetost cheeses. It is a very healthy bread due to the grains and high fiber content along with being a good source of Vitamins C and D, and protein. While it is a Rye bread it isn't your normal deli rye or pumpernickel form.

It is made in different shapes and sizes from small rolls to long french baquette shape to a wider round traditional loaf shape. We can however make it to any size or shape you wish. We also can make it in a darker harder crust version or without the extra spices, just ask. It is sold by weight. It freezes well and stays fresh if kept in an air tight container. We use no preservatives, MSG, etc in any of our products.

Our Limpa and Kavring breads are sold by the pound @$7.50 and $9.50 per pound, respectively.


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Norwegian / Swedish Limpa Brod / Bread

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