Vernon Nordic House

Vernon Nordic House

Finnish Pulla Cardamom Braid Bread is served during Scandinavian holidays It resembles Challah but is found in Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Dannish, and Estonia homes often as a special treat. We bake it to order and sell it online or for in store pickup. An egg glaze with pearl sugar sprinkles makes it as attractive as it is healthy and good tasting.

As with all bakery items we only use all natural ingredients with no preservatives. Our items are made in the traditional ways individually by hand with not mass production techniques. Even the cardamom pods are not opened or the seeds ground until moments before being used to insure their aroma and taste are at its peak.

While we usually have it on hand during the holidays and do make it year round we advise ordering it at least 2 days ahead for in store pickup. For delivery one would need to allow transit time as well.

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Pulla Caradmom Braid

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