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Vernon Nordic House

Gjetost - Brunost Cheese - Gudrandsalt

Norwegian Gudbrandsdal Gjetost  or Brunost or Brown cheese is sold by the package. A package consists of a 17.5 oz block of one of our customers favorite cheeses.

Gjetost also known as Brun-ost (brown-cheese) gets it unique color from the carmelizing that occurs during its production. This helps make it a favorite of children, including those in their 80's.

There are several types and brands but for us and our customers Gubrandsal has the best taste and features. Gjetost is technically not a cheese as it is made from the "whey". This also means it is very high in protein, another plus for children or anyone with an active live style.

An additional cost for cold shipping as/if  needed will be added

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