Vernon Nordic House

Vernon Nordic House

Hornsalt or hartshorn is a type of Scandinavian/European baking powder. It is Ammonium carbonate rather than calcium and typically is used in cookies. It is used in other thin products rather than baking powder and if you want to make traditional and authentic cookies then this is the ticket. We use it in our cookies and it does make a difference. Of course one difference is since it is Ammonium while it is baking out there is a "ah" distinctive odor LOL but the light evenly crisp and risen cookies with no alkaline after taste are definitely worth it.

We no longer can get the containers of it from Norway however the German version by Alba is also great. That is what we now carry. It comes in clear plastic sealed pouches. You will probably want to put it something else so you can easily reseal it to moisture though we just roll it in plastic wrap if it gets clumpy. Each packet is 30g or 1.05 oz.

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Horn Salt - Hartshorn - Baking Soda

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