About Us

About Us - Due to COVID we have had both our online store and our walk in closed. We are now (Nov 1) attempting to reopen the online portion so you may order for Thanksgiving and Jul Holidays. We apologize for not being available but hopefully you understand that under the circumstances our options were 'no option'. Safe journey and we will try to get back to full swing as allowed and as feasible for us and you!!!

The Vernon Nordic House is a small family business. Our heritage is bi-polar as half of our ancestors roots are from Norway and half are from Sweden. We ourselves were born here so we are all American as well. We seek to use and or sell only the best products and ones that are consistent with a healthy Nordic livestyle. This may result in a slightly higher price but we believe our prices are fair and reflective ot the quality all natural products we provide. In addition to our products we try to attend and or host activities and events that allow us to share, teach, or learn about Nordic traditions, food, music, art, mythology, history, Vikings, and or our culture.About Us