• Kringlor Pastry Rings

Kringlor Pastry Rings - Nordic Filled Pastry Rings

A Scandinavian pastry, kind of a Nordic variety of pretzel, well at least in overall shape that is. This is very different from our Kringle Kake in that this is truly a pastry with a "filling". It is called various similar names depending on if it is the Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Swedish, Icelandic, or old Norse derivation. The Finnish word though is Rinkeli . However all are basically referring to its shape (ring-like) which is the guild sign for a "bakery" in many countries.

Our kringles are hand made and rolled from a Danish-style pastry dough that has rested overnight in the frig. As always our dough is home made from scratch using only the finest all natural ingredients.  Being a true Danish-style pastry means it consists of  many layers of the flaky dough which is then filled and shaped in an oval. Our fillings are also all natural and get 5 Hammer ratings from Lars & Sven. The outsides of the dough are glazed with a sugar/almond/vanilla/egg wash that adds just the right amount of sweetness to it.
We need at least 3 days lead time plus time to ship due to each cake being a special order. We do not normally have any pre-made.

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Kringlor Pastry Rings

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